For fiber laser cutting, closed loop controllers have many brands on market,

Simens, Fagor, Funuc.....and many Germany/Japan machine manufacturers have their own controller.

Mostly used by OEM manufacturers are Beckhoff and PA8000.

Beckhoff has original Germany package with Beckhoff servo,  Many OEMs use Customized Beckhoff with third-party servo like Yaskawa, high quality enough for fiber laser cutting and save some cost.

PA8000 origins from Germany too, but it has a few agents in China, so there're different versions of PA8000 controller, for shuttle table machine which requests high acceleration, most China OEMs will use PA8000 controller.

HYD supply PA8000 controller is to match it with CHC-1000L auto focus system, offering a complete solution to customer.


Like Hypertherm such plasma controller suppliers have their laser controller too, but few people in laser field know about them, and they're not cost-effective.

Shanghai weihong has a PC based controller for laser cutting, but until now, few machine OEM manufacturers  give them chance to prove it.

Good news is more and more factories start to try it for its attractive price.


Most China OEM factories use Cypcut controller on laser cutting,  which is an open loop controller,  ok for small single table, but can not offer high acceleration.

When customers want to do high precision work with big laser power, or cut square pipe such customized work,  Cypcut controller can not offer solution yet.


But HYD will start with an open loop controller for laser cutting first,  then update to closed-loop controller.

From open loop controller to closed loop controller, there's a long way to go.