For fiber laser cutting machine,  it is very important to choose a right laser head,  or you might have to stop the machine again and again to do trouble-shooting.

No one wants to face such situation after invested tens of thousands of dollars.


Lasermech is first option in past few years, but now it is fastly replaced by Raytools AG head from Switzerland. You can see most China factories changed to Raytools AG head.

Raytools AG mainly improved the stability of laser head, not faster speed, or better cutting quality...

And Raytools laser head has better price, that's the key for market.


Actually even some China laser head like WSX from shenzhen has faster cutting speed, but China laser head's problem is stability.  Usually it works very good for a while, or you get some good laser heads worked well, then bad luck came to you,  and you can hardly fix it.

It's very painful to all people when a laser head repeatedly have problem.  Machine supplier must go to do onsite service again and again, and machine owner must stop production again and again, especially when he has order to finish in time.

So when you use such product, it's like a bet of good luck.

For a laser head........stable work first,  then check faster speed, or user-friendly....price....etc.   Without stability,  rest all advantages are meaningless.

China laser head must improve the machining precision, optical parts quality, and high quality ceramic ring, hopefully at the end of this year, we will bring a trustable laser head to market.

Precitec is surely the best option,  stability, faster speed, better cutting quality, auto focus system included..... but you need to pay for its price!