Follow is just some General information of fiber laser power,  more and more of our plasma customers are planing to produce laser machine.

IPG is first brand in this field, if the standard is sale quantity.  IPG has company in Germany, USA, Russia, Italy and many other service offices around the world. But it's meaningless to doult your IPG's quality just because it is from Russia, USA or Germany......

No one complain his IPG has quality problem just because it is made in Russia.......

IPG's advantage is from its large quantity users base,  most factories' engineers have rich experience with it,which is kind of warranty for fast service. And it has global service net.

Rofin is a top brand too, but it doesnt have complete product lines as IPG,  and most of the customers have already worked with IPG.

SPI, Nlight such brands all face same problem.

For an expensive laser machine, no one wants to try new product for a small price difference.


That makes the market hard for China Raycus, Maxphotonics such laser brand,too.  even they are same good laser, but they can only collect experience from a much smaller user base.

It greatly slow down the product improvement. 

As a controller designer, we fully know that it is impossible to make a mature solution before you meet all kinds of problems.

So more customers choose IPG, Trumpf such brand for mature product,  the harder for China raycus, Max lasers to make mature laser power.

Raycus, Max have to use low price to collect customers, not because they use cheaper item, or have cheaper production cost, actually their production cost is even higher than IPG such brand.

Same situation as China servo, which can only sell lower price.....but actually they have higher production cost than Panasonic....such Japan servo.


Our suggestion for laser power according to current market is,

For power below 2000W,

If you have source to get good offer of IPG, it's best option now.

Raycus 500W, 750W, 1kw, 1500W is a more cost-effective solution, and it is trustable.

Max laser 500W, 800 is workable too.

For power over 2kw,

IPG, Rofin, Trumpf all are trustable solution.

If you have reflective material, Trumpf is best option.