For plasma/flame cutting machine, there're many cnc controllers on market,

1. Closed loop PC based cnc controller,  mostly used are EDGE series, and Burny controllers.

Burny controller is actually a better controller,  but people not familiar with its operation design, as many of them already got used to hypertherm controller's operation.

2. Open loop PC based cnc controller,  on China market, all such controllers use same motion control card, Googol motion control GE200.

Like MicroHYD controller. HYD is preparing its own motion control card, hoping to make a more cost-effective solution.

As PC cost is too high compare to ARM cost.

PC controller advantage is: Directly read DXF file from CAD,  with nesting functions. Most important is, with Windows operation system support, capable to do large and complicated work, and nowadays everyone knows how to deal with Windows system.


3. ARM based controller.

Now you can see China ARM controllers everywhere,  good or not, people have different views, but they're really cheap..... operation panel, cnc controller, monitor...all included.

Also, it is specially designed for plasma/flame cutting, so you can get almost all plasma/cutting needed functions.

But all the ARM controllers use very old core, and low level hardare to save cost, which caused high malfunction rate.

ARM controller is a good product idea, but we need to make it much better than current products, or it can not compete with PC controller.


4. Mach3 controller,

 Mach3, a cheap software, but you need spend another money on PC and breakout board...spend time to hook them up.

And you need to program plasma/flame related functions, like speed factor for arc voltage THC.....

Many router/marking/milling/machine factories like to use Mach3, and mach3 are really popular on Euro/America market. Many of them not happy with it, but still dont want to take risk of trying new item.