About laser tube cutting, our onsite service experience here as  follow,  (2016-5-4).

1.  Cypcut and its nesting software

It is widest used on market now for its cheap price. As far as what we saw, it is ok for round tube cutting.

Now almost all China factories use same supplier's pipe chuck, but use different motors on rotation.  Some even use DC motor for rotate, which is cheap but useless.

To save clamping time, it needs at least one electrical chuck,  one manual chuck,  for rotation. 

Manual adjust chuck is cheap, but  8 mins in 10 mins you are clamping the tube,  only 2 mins actually cutting....most of time you are clamping tubes.

It's easy to cut bigger and heavier tube,  but when the tube is light and long, customer will face shaking of tube, if the 2 rotation motors are not at same steps.

And most of tube cutting machines face this problem.

Especially the machine users cut some low quality tube, which is not standard product, machine can not secure cut accuracy with such tube.  After rotation, the hole's position has serious accuracy problem.

An electrical chuck is around 3000 USD,  a manual chuck is just 500 USD.

With Cypcut solution, customer can cut simple file on square pipe,  like cut some holes for decoration.

If they want the holes with high accuracy,  that's impossible for such a machine.

You get what you paid for.

2.  If you want to cut square tube,  currently the solution is  Lantek nesting or Radan nesting with PA8000 controller, or other closed loop controller.
With at least 3 electrical chucks.

In China,  Shenzhen Hans laser and Farely laser has mature pipe cutting solution, Hans laser make its own chuck.  The Hans laser means shenzhen hans laser, not other companies purchased by Hans laser.

Like Trumpf has purchased factories in China, but real trumpf machine is from Germany.  The real Hans laser machine is from shenzhen hans laser.  

Foreigners always got fooled by such sale tricks.  There're too many confusing saying in machine sale, people talk big and nice things to give an unreal image of product to customer.

And the learning cost is too high to laser machine buyer.

Another bad idea is mix tube cutting machine  with  plate and tube cutting machine. 

Tube cutting machine is for heavy-duty tube cutting work.  Plate and tube cutting machine is mainly for plate cutting, and do some tube cutting by the way.  

Customer should not expect  1 set plate and tube cutting machine =1 plate cutting machine + 1 tube cutting machine.  You can never get this result.

So we never suggest to add too much money on a plate machine for tube cutting, you can not get same efficiency and convenience as a tube cutting machine.

If you have high level request on tube cutting, you should buy a separate tube cutting machine.

We have seen many customers learned this experience only after they spent too much money on a plate and tube cutting machine.

Similar thing happened in plasma field too. Some product idea seems good, but it doesnt make sense in actual production.  like the cutting and drilling machine.

The drilling demo is very impressive on new machine, many customers got impressed on trading fair.

But after they bought the machine back,  drilling can never work well in actual production.  Because drilling needs a fixed flat base, this is available on new plasma machine, but not available on a used plasma machine.

And if vibration happens during drilling,  the hole damaged, or the drilling tool damaged......

Any mature machine design needs practice to prove it.