All our plasma torch height controllers are supplied with voltage divider,  100:1 or 50:1.

Plasma's raw arc voltage must be divided via voltage divider before input to Torch height controller, or it will cause serious damage.

Customers often face follow issues,

1.  Hypertherm, Thermaldynamics such brand plasmas power always have its own voltage divider. Even it is 50:1, same as our ratio, but we suggest not use plasma's divided output.

As voltage divider has many circuit designs, which might cause THC malfunction if it is not same design as ours.

Usually the plasma power manual has instruction of its raw arc voltage output,  or we can support you confirm the connection if you offer us the plasma power manual.

2. Many small OEM plasma powers are HF plasma,  many China plasmas dont even offer guide of raw arc voltage output.

We have China plasma wiring guide,  if you have unknown plasma power, please offer manual to us, we will make the wiring guide for you.


Plasma's raw arc voltage output,   Positive to Work(GND),  negative to Electrode...........if mis-connected,  no arc voltage found.


The cable connected with voltage divider must be shield cable,,,,,,high quality shield cable.


After plasma pierce,  TRANS led on THC operation panel turns on,  means THC receives divided arc voltage from voltage divider.

If this LED not turn on after plasma pierce,   it needs to test the output of voltage divider first,  if no output,  check your raw arc voltage input wiring first.

If the raw arc voltage input is ok,  but no output from voltage divider,   voltage divider is the problem reason.


When you do trouble-shooting,  first confirm which signal matters with the problem, then follow the signal's travelling path,  check every related sector one by one,  soon you will find the problem location.