1. DC24V, >3A Powersupply of CNC controller.
Please choose high quality DC24V power for CNC controller. If the power is not stable, it will affect the life of controller’s PCB, like the DC2V—5V power inside cnc controller, and the I/O PCB.
If there’s no trustable DC24V power, we may offer DC24V power together with CNC controller.
2. HF plasma or not.
Please inform us about your plasma information, if it is HF plasma, it must use shield cables for CNC, THC, motor, Magnetic rings might be needed too.
We will offer you guide according to your situation.
Important: Please use relay board for plasma interface if you not use Torch height controller.

3. Is there any other interference source, like big power welding machine byside of your cutting machine….etc.