When you installed a XPTHC from HYD, but it has no auto height control during cutting, please check as follow,


1. Check the Auto LED light on THC panel,  there're 2 auto LEDs on panel, both should turn on (XPTHC-4 has only one auto LED).  If both are ON,  but torch not follow the cutting,  that means it is sensitivity problem.

It needs to adjust the sensitivity on THC PCB board, but the auto height control problem.

2.  It needs to set THC on auto mode on THC's operaton panel first. ( XPTHC-100III, XPTHC-Portable300, PTHC-200DC all have a separate Auto mode LED indicator which turns on when you press auto on THC panel.   XPTHC-4 has only one Auto LED,  it flashes when you press auto,  and be ON state when it receives auto enable signal from CNC controller.)

3. After confirmed THC is set on auto mode,  check if CNC controller set plasma cutting in auto height control mode or not.

4. After confirmed THC and CNC setting ok,  start cut from CNC........IHS, Arc start, then check if the TRANS LED on THC panel turns on or not.

5. If TRANS LED not turns on,  means no divided arc voltage from voltage divider, please check voltage divider related wiring,  TRANS led only turns on after it receives divided arc voltage from voltage divider.

6. After TRANS LED turns on,  if the Auto LED still not turn on, ( XPTHC-4 is turn on, stop flashing,  other XPTHCs are 2 auto LEDs both turn on.),  that means THC not receives auto enable signal from CNC controller.  Please check the CNC's auto enable signal connection with THC's  EXauto Pin (TO CNC connector),  make sure the wiring is ok, turn on the auto mode.


XPTHC's Pins that interfaces with CNC (TO CNC connector)  is low level close effective, please note it when you do wiring.

Because of this design,  you can short connect XPTHC's  EXauto and COM (TO CNC connector),  do auto mode self-check without CNC's enable signal.  in this way,  during cutting, THC is always on auto mode, to confirm if THC's auto mode works or not. 

Sometimes customer needs to find out its THC's problem or CNC's problem.


The right work process as follow,

Set THC and CNC on auto mode----- start from CNC---IHS---fire---Pierce delay---- TRANS led turns on----Auto turns on after receiving CNC's enable signal.

You can easily find on which step problem happened.