When your HYD THC gets problem,  for fast solution, please always offer follow basic information to us,

1. It is a new THC or it has been working well before?.........confirm it is an installation problem or not,

2. What is the cnc controller, plasma you use,  torch retaining cap IHS or proximity switch IHS? 

We have experience with many plasmas and cnc controller, might give you a direct answear from our experience if it is a typical problem.

3. Do IHS test, Arc test,  up/down operation on THC panel,  and watch the LEDs' on/off state on the THC panel,

We do trouble shooting according to the LEDs' on/off state on THC's operation panel.

And usually we need to see if THC can do IHS,  arc start, or up/down such basic function.


4. Please NOT fire plasma before you confirm all grouding cables well connected( all metal parts, machine table, cnc cabinet, THC, lifter... shield cable's shield net all must be grouned.)