1. Support standard keyboard, mouse and touch screen.
Simple and easy operation design, enables users learn about machine operation fastly.
It can demo almost all functions in office without machine, convenient for operator’s training or full-checking before you buy.

2. Support most cutting codes as ISO- G gode, ESSI, DXF, DWG, most nesting softwares on market, and automatically recognize different codes, automatic conversion.
Smart fault tolerance mechanism, read code more precisely.
Support to define M function codes, compatible with the different standards of the G code.
Support export DXF format, easy to modify and check the error.

3.  Support the mouse wheel and keyboard to zoom in/out, move graphics in Ncsoftware, by which operator can see the details every workpiece.
The dynamic ruler on edge, and convenient measuring function, enables operator get the dimension information of any point on the workpiece.
4.  Support hole number, line number, the specified point…...etc different cutting start point selection.
Support graph search and machine move search.
Enable operator to start anywhere he likes, convenient to add work plate.

5.  Support to save multi breakpoint, enable operator pause current work and go to finish urgent work first, then get back to any breakpoint saved before.
6.  Support 4 Home positions, and 2 marking offset value, 2 positioning offset value and multiple defined coordinate data, help operator to position the designated point more fastly and accurately.

7.  Support 4 steel plates align data, one alignment, ready for use anytime. No need to worry about change plate not allowed during cutting.
8. Shap libruary is open to user. User can add his own often-used shapes to increase production efficiency.
9. Smart cutting work adjust function. One-key (smartnest) operation, save sheet material and adjust to a best state.
10.  Unique design(Field Recovery), solves the positioning problem of second-time cutting, which can fastly recover to prevous cutting state, no matter it is square or round cutting shape. This function is widely used in second-time cutting work of boiler such industry field.

11、With our years practice experience and convenient commissioning tools' support, operator can do trouble-shooting fastly on his own, secure you trouble-free.

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