XPTHC-4 is an economical stand alone torch height controller designed for plasma cutting machine.

Cheap price and high accuracy is the key advantage of this THC.
 It supports any kind of cnc controller and HF plasma on market.

 1, Installation: user could install the THC’s operation panel on the work interface, or install it at the convenient operation place. Install the main body at a suitable station.
2, Height control: could change the auto cutting height at any time
3, two modes of the setting arc volt:
A, Setting arc volt mode: set the setting arc volt on the operation panel, let the THC work on the setting arc volt status. It’s the traditional way.
B, Sampling arc volt is the setting arc volt: After initial height sense(IHS) and plasma start,  CNC  sends AUTO enable signal to THC,  THC will collect the arc voltage as  the setting arc  volt when it receives auto signal. It’s suitable for some small plasma.
4, High Sensitivity: adjusting the THC’s sensitivity, could realize the arc volt change 1V, the arc voltage output will change 1.5V~4V, and don’t occur the vibration. So the lifter’s start voltage is closed related to the THC’s sensitivity, Our lifter’s start voltage is 1.5V ~2V.
6, Good stability: XPTHC-4 has 5 sets isolation power inside, I/O isolation; sampling arc volt isolation; drive isolation; and control isolation.

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